I am so thankful to announce the arrival of Izaiah Cruz Galeano! He is such a sweet, handsome, and lovable little boy. Motherhood looks so good on Carmen! Who else do you know who just gave birth less than a week ago looks this AMAZING?! Her three handsome boys love their mama. Enjoy a few […]

Uplifted Children, Uplifted Families

February 25, 2018

Izaiah – Newborn

Meet the Cruz Family!  Their family session looks eerily similar to the one that I did of them two years ago. But there is a handsome new baby boy this year and his name is Christopher!  His big brother, Christian and older sister, Julia showed him the ropes of how the Cruz Family Portraits are […]

Uplifted Families, Uplifted Portraits

December 1, 2017

The Cruz Family – Portrait

Meet Mr. Caleb!  I have had the joy of photographing CJ and Ariana’s wedding a few years ago and now I am photographing their handsome little boy.  At three months old he is so strong and super calm. Caleb is already a professional model! Enjoy a few of my favorite images from Caleb’s portrait session. […]

Uplifted Children, Uplifted Portraits

November 30, 2017

Caleb – Portrait

I absolutely loved this modeling session with Mrs. Miriam Brooks who co-owns a LulaRoe shop! Mrs. Miriam and her daughter Carmen modeled a few pieces from LulaRoe’s various clothing lines. The dynamic duo are stunning and absolute naturals in front of the camera, which made this fall shoot a breeze! Carmen is 6 months pregnant […]

Uplifted Portraits

November 10, 2017

LulaRoe Fall Shoot

Essence and Glenwood are looking forward to their BIG wedding next year! For their engagement pictures, they decided to go back to the special place where Glenwood proposed – City Center in Newport News, VA. After waiting for what seems like forever, we were finally able to capture pictures at the special fountain where Glenwood […]

Uplifted Couples, Uplifted Engagements

November 7, 2017

Essence & Glenwood – Engagement

Meet Sydney & Mark, the Thom Family! I had the pleasure of capturing their beautiful wedding in Delaware a few years ago and now they are welcoming a baby girl into their world. At their wedding, Sydney and Mark wore Toms and used the hashtag #aPairofThoms. So Sydney and Mark brought their wedding shoes and […]

Uplifted Couples, Uplifted Families, Uplifted Portraits

October 31, 2017

Mark & Sydney – Maternity

I enjoyed spending a beautiful fall day with The Little Family! Dave and Lindsay’s adorable little girls, Eva and Leven enjoyed climbing the trees in one of their favorite family destinations in Mount Vernon, VA. I loved the authenticity that Dave and Lindsay displayed throughout our session! Enjoy a few of my favorites from The […]

Uplifted Children, Uplifted Families

October 27, 2017

The Little Family

Ms. Hunter and Mr. Willie are looking forward to becoming one next summer! They chose to capture their beautiful engagement at the Rose Garden in Newport News, VA. I enjoyed wedding planning as we walked through the beautiful garden. Our session ended in pouring rain, but in the midst of the rain, we saw a […]

Uplifted Couples, Uplifted Engagements

October 20, 2017

Ms. Hunter & Mr. Willie – Engagement

I have had the pleasure of watching the Galeano Family grow over the years! It has been beautiful seeing my dear friends celebrate new life and special events that will last a lifetime. Uplifted Photography is about “Capturing Life” as it evolves and I look forward to Mike and Carman’s newest arrival in a few […]

Uplifted Children, Uplifted Couples, Uplifted Families

October 18, 2017

Galeano – Family Portrait

Julissa’s infectious personality lights up my heart! She is the easiest model every because she’s 7 years old and already knows how to work the camera! We had a great time exploring Cox Farm and petting the animals. Here are a few of my favorite images from Julissa’s portrait session.   Stay Anchored -Briana

Uplifted Children, Uplifted Portraits

October 2, 2017

Julissa – Portrait Session